University of British Columbia Okanagan July 8th to 11th

Women In Computer Science Dinner

The Women in Computer Science Dinner at the CUCSC is an opportunity to celebrate women in the computational sciences, and to encourage aspiring young women to pursue an education in one of the most male-dominated industries. The panel will feature women with backgrounds in academia and the industry, with each panellist contributing their unique insight and opinion on an array of discussion topics and questions. Time will be set aside at the end of the panel for questions from the attendees as well. Subsequently, the panellists will have the chance to eat dinner at the tables with the attendees, so that participants are able to ask the panellists any outstanding questions one-on-one. The Women in Computer Science Dinner will be a great opportunity for undergraduate students to bond with inspiring women in the computer sciences, and have any questions they may have about the industry, for women in particular, be answered.

Dr Bowen Hui, Instructor, The University of British Columbia Okanagan

Dr. Bowen Hui is an instructor in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Toronto where her research focused on using artificial intelligence and statistical methods to build smart user interfaces. Dr. Hui also has several years of industry experience as a project manager, business development officer, system analyst, and data analyst. Fostered by her co-op experience during her undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver), her current research focuses on educational game development, experiential learning, and learning analytics.

Dr Mirela Gutica, Option Head, Technical Programming, School of Computing and Academic Studies, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Mirela Gutica is an Instructor and Option Head for the Technical Programming Option in the School of Computing and Academic Studies, at the British Columbia Institute of Technology where she teaches courses in programming methodologies, discrete mathematics, computer architecture, operating systems, human-computer interaction, and research methodologies. Her background is in Computer Engineering and Education. Her research interests include advanced learning technologies, human-computer interaction, intelligent agents that adapt to the learners’ needs in the context of educational games, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education.

Stephanie Van Dyk, Site Reliability Engineer, Google

Stephanie Van Dyk is a Site Reliability Engineer who likes really big, broken things. Originally hailing from Kelowna, BC, she went to school at UBC Vancouver where she studied math and computer science. After graduating, she moved to California to work for Google as an SRE. In November 2013, Stephanie got swept up in one of the most high profile technical disasters of all time -- the failure of She currently works on Search at Google.

Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch, CEO, Silicon Sisters Interactive Inc.

Brenda is the CEO and co-founder of Silicon Sisters Interactive, a female focused studio building top quality games for Women and Girls. Launched in 2011, the studio has successfully introduced a tween series called School26 to iOS and Android. The studio is currently working on creating “Romance” as a viable genre in the video game sector, and has introduced a series for adult women called “Everlove” September 2013. Bailey Gershkovitch was previously the Managing Partner of Deep Fried Entertainment Inc., building sports and racing games for the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo Dual Screen (DS) and the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) with publishing partners Sega of American and Take Two Sports. Brenda frequently speaks at Conferences on a wide range of issues including: Women in Games, Change Management, Emerging Video Games Markets, and Legal issues in Video Games. She is board member of DIGIBC, and sits on the Advisory Board of Women in Games International, in LA. Brenda is a past board member of the Canadian Video Game Awards and Advisory Board member of GDC Canada, and has been a visiting lecturer at both Vancouver Film School and the Centre for Digital Media teaching the business of video games. Brenda is currently studying Law at the University of British Columbia, with a focus on Intellectual Property and Digital Media Law.