University of British Columbia Okanagan July 8th to 11th

CUCSC 2015 Executive Committee

The Canadian Undergraduate Computer Science Conference is an event organized by students, for students. Our team is made up primarily of undergraduate students with the help of graduate students and alumni.

Abby Arnold, Co-President & Founder, Student

Abby Arnold is completing her fourth year at UBC Okanagan. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics. She attended the 2014 Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference and is the recipient of two undergraduate research awards. Her interdisciplinary research in statistics and health and exercise sciences has focused on the detection of high-intensity interval training in accelerometer data. Abby plans to pursue a Masters of Science next year combining her passions for health and applied statistics.

Yasha Pushak, Co-President & Founder, Student

Yasha graduated as the head of the 2015 science class with a Bachelour of Science (Honours) in Computer Science and a Bachelour of Science (Honours) in Mathematics at UBC's Okanagan Campus. He will be pursuing a Masters of Science in Computer Science at UBC's Vancouver Campus which combines both of his undergraduate degrees. Yasha has recently received the Distinguished Graduate Award in Unit 5 (Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistic, and Physics) at UBCO, and the Pushor Mitchell LLP Gold Medal In Leadership Award. He has won other awards including Top Upper-Level Mathematics Student, Top Upper-Level Computer Science Student, and Top First Year Computer Science Student. His undergraduate research began with developing prototype algorithms for computing k spatially-dissimilar paths for preliminary design of new highways. More recent projects include work on a surrogate function that quickly appro

Fiona Tse, Public Relations, Student

Fiona is an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and Anthropology.  The unique combination of her studies reflects her joint interests in both the science and arts field including human-computer interaction, app development, music and reading.

Dana Klamut, Women In CS Dinner Planner, Student

Dana Klamut is currently in her second year of studies at UBC Okanagan, majoring in Math and Computer Science. She was nominated for the First Year Calculus Student Award as well as the First Year Computer Science Student Award in her first year of studies. In May of 2014, Dana attended the Pacific Northwest Celebration of Women in Computing Conference in Vancouver, BC. She also recently received the Governor General’s Academic Medal. 

Madeline Arnold, Finances, Student

Madeline Arnold is an avid learner who, like Mark Twain, considers her education to extend far beyond the walls of school. She has a passion for music, writing, and cryptography, and is most often found outdoors doing something active with her two dogs in tow. Madeline is in her fourth year at UBCO and is doing research in statistics. She has also done research at the Stephenson Cardiovascular MR Centre in Calgary. She will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics. 

Charles Jolin-Landry, French Liason, Student

Charles is from a small town outside of Montreal called Rigaud. He is an undergraduate student majoring in Mathematics. Charles is a teaching assistant for first year physics and participates in research in the field of Mathematical Biology which heavily involves computer modeling. He is on the dean’s honor list since his first year at UBCO. Charles is interested in sustainability and fresh water science. He hopes to investigate these topics using his mathematical skills and building models to help better understand the importance of fresh water management. In September, he will be starting his third year of studies. Charles enjoys playing soccer, snowboarding and snowmobiling when he needs a break from schoolwork.

Allan Tsai, Miscellaneous, Student

Allan is an international student from Taiwan. He came to Canada for high school and this year he is going to finish his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in UBC Okanagan. Allan enjoys problem solving, algorithm design, app development, web design and Human-computer interaction.

Colin Barr, Fundraising, Student

Colin is a unique and talanted individual who heads the marketing and fundraising branch of the CUCSC. As a student of pure mathematics, computer science, and fine wines, he is a refreshing and valueable resource who has served the committee since its founding with his ability to make good judgments and quick decisions. 

Ryan Trenholm, Graphics Designer, Grad Student

Ryan Trenholm has recently completed his Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (Computer Science), where he successfully worked with the Kelowna Parks Services department to improve sustainability and efficiency in city parks using a mobile application. He previously graduated from UBC Okanagan with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science and a Minor in Psychology. Ryan has presented at several research conferences and won Top Oral Presentation awards at the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference (MURC 2012) at UBC Vancouver in Vancouver, BC, and the Universitas 21 Undegraduate Research Conference (U21 URC 2012) at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. His research interests include human-computer interaction (HCI), usability and user experience (UX), as well as mobile and web development.

Sukanto Mondal, Keynote Coordinator, Alumni

Sukanto Mondal has recently completed his Master of Science in Optimization. Now he is working in industry as a progrmmer. For his masters thesis, he studied road design optimization. On his offtime, he really loves to read about different cultures and personalities.